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You snuggle close, wrapping one arm behind my back, the other resting gently on my hand. I bask in the warmth of your freshly bathed form, wrapped in your favorite fleece. My eyes drink in every last inch of your face; your to-die-for-long lashes, that lock of strawberry blonde hair that refuses to stay brushed to one side, your button nose and dimpled cheeks. I listen intently to your rhythmic breathing and contended sighs as you drink your last bottle of the day.

Your sweet frame slowly melts until you are completely relaxed in full, sleepy satisfaction. One tiny hand mindlessly scratches my back while the other absently pats my hand, your bottle, your belly. The day’s difficult tasks are done. No more toddling, crawling, talking, bouncing. Relax, sweet boy, and drift off to dream.

My mind is awash of dreams of my own, reveling in who you might become. A fireman? A teacher? An astronaut? An author? I pray you find as much joy on the path Life leads
as you do in a simple game of peek-a-boo today. May you be strong, honest, brave and true; a modern day knight in shining armor. I pray injustice spurs you to action, and you fight for what is good and right. May you experience true love, deep friendship and peace you cannot explain.

But for now, my son, slumber and rest. Drift away to slay dragons, ride stallions and fly with your arms as wings. Dream of adventures unknown, mountains untamed and rivers yet forged.

For all too soon you’ll be too big to hold, too heavy for Mom to carry. So I’ll take one more moment to snuggle you close, kiss your cheek and stroke your hair. I’ll utter one more prayer for a healthy boy and a happy night full of superhero sweet dreams.