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Manic Monday – On Sunday!

This week’s Manic Monday post is on a Sunday because tomorrow I have a very exciting post, so be sure to check back tomorrow as well!

Ok, today’s tip comes from one of my new favorite authors, Jen Hatmaker. She’s the author of 9 books, including Out of the Spin Cycle (click the title for a sample excerpt!). You can check her out here.

Among other things, she’s all about helping our kids become contributing members of society, and passing on responsibility to them sooner rather than later. I’m all about this, too, but sometimes find it hard to relinquish control for one reason or another. Sometimes those reasons are selfish, others I feel I am protecting my wee ones from something (usually irrational), so I appreciate Jen’s words of encouragement in this area.

One pratical tip I learned from her is getting the kids involved in the laundry process. They have been putting their own clothes away for awhile now, and I was shocked at how excited, and proud, they were to do it! I’m looking forward to empowering them further with this new step, and enjoying another teachable moment with my princesses. So, I am teaching my girls, ages 6 1/2 (that 1/2 is very important, you know) and 4, to take their dirty clothes, turn them right side out and sort them into piles of lights and darks. Jen says her husband jokes that it looks like a little sweatshop, and it kinda does, but there’s so much to be said for teaching responsibility early! And they really do feel empowered, independent and capable! It’s also serving as a reminder to me not to sell my kids short – they are capable of accomplishing far more than I give them credit for.

Do you get your kiddos involved in the laundry? What jobs are they responsible for around the house?

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12 thoughts on “Manic Monday – On Sunday!

  1. Imagination I think helps children get involved in otherwise boring tasks around the house…turning things like polishing and putting laundry away into little games is brill..although saying that my little girl is always more enthusiastic about helping than my son ever was…GREAT POST ..Eliza Keating

  2. Loved this post! My daughter Charity is almost two and she’s responsible for putting Daddy’s socks in his drawer after they’ve been folded. She loves it! I can’t seem to fold them fast enough. 😉

    I’ll be taking a look around…it looks great here!

  3. My children folded their clothes without being told the other day. What a blessing. I love including them in the duties of home.

    Thanks for linking up and placing my button up for others to join in. So appreciated.

  4. I have the boys sort the laundry, and strip their sheets on sheet-washing day. If the washer dials weren’t out of their reach, I’d teach them to run it!

    I never thought of turning clothes inside out – will start having them do that pronto!

  5. That 1/2 is important, isn’t it? 🙂
    Having your kids sort and turn right side out is so helpful. And they really do feel good about themselves for helping, don’t they? Great post – thanks for linking up!

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