Life Lessons

Fear vs. Love



Fear suffocates, deafens, blinds and paralyzes.

Fear puts my well being ahead of yours. It tells those around me, “I am more important than you are.” Fear protects my feelings, my interests, my pride, my reputation.

Fear lies, distorts, warps, and twists.

It takes reality and makes it something unrecognizable, incoherent, and impure. It takes the things i know to be right and good and true and shoves them aside with utter disregard for decency, humanity, eternity.


Love protects, secures, strengthens and frees.

Love puts your needs above my own. It frees you to be who you really are. Love compels service of your best interests free from selfish pursuit or gain. It considers your needs, your heart, your future, your benefit.

Love hopes, uplifts, emboldens and serves.

Fear looks after oneself. Love looks after one another.

Now, as the bells chime and tears fall in mourning, I realize I have given way to fear. I have neglected what was best for you in exchange for guarding my own comfort. I stand alone and quietly commit to myself, and to the One who hears my thoughts, fear will no longer control who I am.

I choose love.

Disclaimer: there are times where fear is an appropriate and healthy response. God gave us the ability of fear for a reason. This post is not to say that we ignore fear altogether, but that we examine the source and motive behind our fear and choose our actions accordingly.


8 thoughts on “Fear vs. Love

  1. What a wonderful post! It can be hard sometimes to trust God and choose love over fear. Thanks for the reminder

    Stopping by from Domestically Divine

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