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Most of us know about Compassion International for their Sponsor a Child program for sponsoring needy children around the world. But many of us (myself included until recently) don’t know that they also have other great programs, including providing water filters so children can have clean, safe water to drink.

I’d like to ask you to help. You don’t have to give any money, all you have to do is vote.

Would you take two seconds and vote for Compassion to take over the @water Twitter handle for a week? If they win, they get to spread the word to over 400,000 followers about the life-saving filter they’ve created to give kids safe drinking water.

You can also right click on the Compassion button right there ——->
and “save as”, and then post it on your blog with a link to the voting page!

Want more info? You can read about the water filter here.

And you can read about what Compassion would say if given the @water handle for a week here.

I’d like to thank Sarah Mae over at Like A Warm Cup of Coffee for posting about this endeavor! Please spread the word, and let’s get clean drinking water for kids!!

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