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One thing that makes my week run more smoothly is some element of routine and predictability. While our lifestyle warrants days full of fluidity (because flexible isn’t flexible enough), I (and particularly Flower Girl) thrive on routine. So, we have routines for all kinds of areas of our life. But today I want to focus on health/fitness.

It seems my entire adult life has been an off-again-on-again battle pursuit for fitness. I have struggled to continue healthy habits of eating well and getting adequate exercise. However, lately, I have been having some success. Thanks in great part to my awesome hubs. We have communicated a lot and have come up with a routine/schedule that works for us. I get my predictability as well as much needed exercise. He gets his time, and we are still able to maintain the fluid nature of our lifestyle. Basically, I have 4 days of the week with scheduled fitness times. I have running club Monday and Thursday nights, and fitness class Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Hubs has his fitness class Tuesday nights. The rest of the week we work out when we can each get out for other exercise activities. And if we need to tweak our scheduled times, we can. Since we only have one car, often times our scheduled classes must be missed so the other person can get to an appointment. But, that’s part of the fluidity.

For me, it’s vital to have something scheduled into the week that I can plan around. If I leave it entirely up to chance, it won’t get done. Even if I can’t get to my class, I know my exercise is scheduled, so I’m much more likely to do a video at home during the time my class is going.

Not only has this helped our days run more smoothly logistically, it’s also helped by allowing me time to feed my soul, get healthy, and have a better attitude. I’m better equipped to face all the other facets and roles of my life because I’ve been physically taken care of.

Do you have a health/fitness/wellness routine/schedule? How do you fit in your fitness goals each week?

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