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If you’ve spent anytime at all wandering around my little corner of Blogland, you’ve most likely found that organization is not my forte, and that I’m chronically lazy at heart, and I am not in any form or fashion a morning person. So, whatever I can do to make my days/weeks run more smoothly, without adding extra work, I do. I love the phrase work smarter, not harder.

Mornings are hard for me. Like, seriously. I hate them. And rushing in the morning is the bane of my existence. So, one thing we’ve adopted in our household is a shoe rack. We have 2 wooden shoe racks in our entry way. The first thing we all do upon entering the house is wipe our feet on the mat, and then religiously we take our shoes off and place them on the rack. The purpose of this is two-fold.

1. It keeps our floors cleaner. We’re not tracking mud, grass, dirt, and who-knows-what all over our floors.

2. Everyone always knows where their shoes are. There’s no mad panic in the morning flinging clothes around, digging under beds and behind dressers for the infamous other shoe.

It really has saved my sanity countless times. I really must make two dilclaimers here:

1. If you come to visit, we do not expect you to take your shoes off. If you want to, by all means. But the shoe rack really is more of a save-mom’s-sanity contraption more than a keep-this-house-spic-and-span contraption. So, you are under no pressure or obligation to add your shoes to our pile. 🙂

2. Just because we have the rack does not mean it stays tidy. I’d love to have ended this post after disclaimer #1 and let you live with the illusion that my entryway is a sparkling, tidy, obstacle free zone welcoming you with rows of tidy shoes. But, that’s just not me. 🙂 Once a week or so we have to take a minute to re-rack the shoes. After a day or two the shoes end up in a pile next to the rack rather than on it. But, I have to choose my battles, and most days I’d rather do other things than harp on exact shoe placement. 🙂

Do you have a particular method of keeping shoes either tidy, or in a place where they can always be found? Please, share!

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