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Family Worship {Guest Posting at The Better Mom}

We have always known as parents that we were the ones ultimately responsible for teaching our kiddos to follow Jesus, and all that entails. To that end, we have spent the last several years tweaking and testing different means of family worship time, looking for ways to learn, grow, and enjoy the Lord together.

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Finally, some friends of ours introduced us to Storying, and our family worship times deepened dramatically! Through Storying, our children became much more involved and engaged. They even lead! So, I’d like to share what our family worship times look like and hope that it blesses your family as much as it has blessed mine!

I’m guest posting over at The Better Mom today! Click here to hop over and read the rest of this article. As always, I’d love your thoughts on the topic at hand, whether you agree or disagree (let’s just keep it respectful, and family friendly, please:) ).

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2 thoughts on “Family Worship {Guest Posting at The Better Mom}

  1. I left a comment there, but wanted to touch base here as well as I am new to your blog (from GH Teach Me Tuesdays). Your post was very helpful to me. Thank you 🙂

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