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Eyes sparkle with anticipation held wide so as not to miss a thing during a blink.

Voices chatter constantly, pointing out this and that, here and there.

Every bulb a delight, every twinkle a miracle.

Cheeks ever rosy, noses frosty and red.

Fingers tucked safely away inside mittens fidget and dance in anticipation.

Marshmallows dance delicately in warm, smooth chocolate.

The sweet, earthy aroma of freshly burned Irish turf hangs in the air.

“Look here, Mama!”

“Woah, look at that! That one’s really bright!”

A tin soldier stands guard over the hustle and bustle, hurry and scurry.


“Look, mom, a solider just like the ones that came to take Jesus away to die.”

“Look, mom, that candle reminds me of Jesus. Because He’s the real light!”




The Magic of Christmas.

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