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As you may have jaloused (I love that word) from my posts lately that I’m struggling a bit right now. Circumstances have been trying -not in the lost-a-child or tsunami-disaster type trying mind you! But trying nonetheless – and it has started to take its toll. I’m trying to use these feelings swirling inside to propell me towards Christ and the shelter of His arms but at times I find myself questioning my roles, my abilities and my own value in those roles. I can feel the horned tips of depression’s ugly head threatening to rear up, and I’m praying hard that He suppresses them. I’m taking other humanly tangible precautions as well, but for me I know spiritual closeness with Him is the biggest, most effective anti-depressant. I hope to write more in depth about this in the New Year, but I wanted to take this chance to ask if you’ve ever found yourself in a similar place? And to ask if you’re willing to share your story?

What a Woman is Worth

The submissions for What a Woman is Worth deadline is this Monday, January 2. Our stories carry power, the power to release and edify. It is scary to make yourself so vulnerable in such a public forum, but if it can help keep someone from enduring some of the pain, self doubt, and harmful thinking patterns we have all walked through, isn’t it worth it? Think about it. For your daughter. Sister. Friend.

Will you share your worth?