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What If….We Really Did It?

Last week I asked myself What If. And you answered. Boy, oh boy, did you answer! What If generated such huge response, I was overwhelmed by your encouragement, and camaraderie. Thank you!! Most of the things you all had to say were along the lines of “I’ve been thinking/feeling the exact same things!” “I really… Continue reading What If….We Really Did It?

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{Repost} Messy Faith

There seems to be a recurring theme in many of my conversations of late. These conversations pop up when you I least expect them, and at seemingly odd times. The topics of discussion range from family life to broken hearts to school to abortion. But they all are circling back to one central theme (dare… Continue reading {Repost} Messy Faith

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What If…

If you’ve spent any time here poking around through past posts, you’ve likely seen me write about faith, joy, depression, community, fear and how going it alone not only stinks, it’s not the way things were meant to be. (side note: I really, really wanted to put a comma after “fear”, but I’m told we… Continue reading What If…

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Be Thou My Vision {Guest Posting at The Better Mom}

Have you ever heard a song that so spoke the desires of your heart you had to listen to it over and over again? Me, too. One of those songs for me is Be Thou My Vision. It has always spoken to me, even long before Ireland was ever even on the radar. Now that… Continue reading Be Thou My Vision {Guest Posting at The Better Mom}