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Ok, friends, I honestly can hardly believe I get to write this introduction post!

I stumbled upon Tamara Out Loud by clicking a link to one of her posts somewhere out there in the vast interwebs, and I was instantly hooked. She is a Jesus lover to the core, but isn’t afraid to call out Christians on our…well, our crap! She’s real, and funny, and has a heart for women like I’ve never seen. You may remember me writing a couple of times about the What A Woman is Worth community project. Tamara is the catalyst, and editor!, of the whole project. This girl loves peole, folks!

So, when I saw she was accepting submissions for guest posts, I bit the bullet, swallowed my insecurity and submitted. I nearly threw up was shocked when I got the email that she wanted to use my piece!

So, please join me over at Tamara Out Loud as I share what my 4 year old daughter taught me about prayer, God, and friendship.

I think the link was broken earlier. Sorry about that! It’s working now.

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