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Dance With Me

Dance with Me. The slightest whisper flutters in my soul, dismissed as quietly as it came.

I see you. I know you. Dance with Me.

You’re across the proverbial room, but you might as well be across the world. Come to Me.


I know you’re tired. I look in your eyes and I see your weary heart reflected there. The spark of Life I love so much about you barely an ember glowing in the ash. The cloak you don weighs heavy; holding you down; back; laden with things not meant to be worn on the heart of a princess.

I know you’re weary. Bones heavy. Joints burning. Eyes misty and half-mast. I watch you trudge and plod; heave and sigh. You were not meant for this. My heart breaks to see your struggle to merely…exist.


Dance with me.

Don’t worry about the steps or the song or the sway or the way the world will see. Don’t look to them. This is our dance. I’ve made it just for you. For Me. For us.

Let Me lift you. Carry you. Spin you.

Trade your cloak for chiffon. Lace. Tulle.

Stand on My feet; rest on My arms; head to My chest so that when I move, you move.

Let Me love you. Let Me show you. Let Me lead you to Beauty. Passion. Light. Life.

Dance, my love.


With Me.

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