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Inspired by a wistful sigh by my 4 year old daughter

I wish I were the moon, way up high in the sky
To watch the world and the sea as they go twirling by
To shine with a silvery light all my own
While the stars and their twinkles decorate my sweet home

I wish I were the moon, to hide out through the day
To see you each moment as you go on your way
I’d always be with you in day or in night
And shine out the brightest when you’re in my sight

I wish I were the moon, to dance overhead
With the wind for my music, the clouds for my bed
I’d snuggle down close to keep watch while you sleep,
Wash silvery beams o’er your dreams so deep

I wish I were the moon, so the world would all see
Your heart is the one that’s most precious to me
But I’m not in the sky, I’m tucked down in my bed
So I’ll  love you with hugs and with kisses instead

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