Irish Rain {Repost}

I’m Reposting this today because the ideas in it have been reverberating in my mind and heart lately, so I wanted to share this again. I hope you enjoy.

Mist floats in the air, creating a sheer curtain of sparkling droplets.  Not a trace of breeze disturbs the magical suspension; it is a soft day.  The cool, clean spray moistens everything in sight, and not a sound is to be heard.  Life seems to stop on days like this.  Even though life continues – people shop, cars drive, dogs frolic – all seems silent and still.  Somehow amidst the low, grey clouds and fog, a beauty like no other overtakes the terrain.  Greens are more brilliant, yellows gleam, and whites glisten while subdued yet enhanced by the glorious, healing damp.

Windows flex, cars tremble, chimneys whistle.  The gale blows fiercer as the day rolls on.  Harsh, cold drops pound the earth like missiles.  Not a living thing is seen in the wild.  All have hunkered down to weather the storm.  Waves crash mightily on the shore, abusing the sand and shoreline, eroding and decaying with every collision.  Conversations cease – it is too deafening to speak.  The earth cowers and waits anxiously for the cruelty to end.

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, the droplets fall gently to the soil.  Flowers dance in the breeze, and puddles ring out with laughter at every plop.  The house is quiet; the only sound is that of tender mercies tapping on the roof.  Refreshment is the word of the day, as all who experience the affectionate outpouring seem to come alive with energy.  The world opens generously, eagerly accepting this gift from the heavens as the stimulating fountain regenerates life.

Peace covers my soul.  Contentment overflows as rivers of mercy flood into my being.  Energy anew awakens my heart as the shower of Love returns to this dry and thirsty land.  The Holy Spirit has opened the heavens of grace and offered this gift of renewed life. My withered and parched heart eagerly and wearily accepts it.  Oh, my Father, may Your rain bring a harvest plentiful to this place.  May Your Words sink deep to the roots of my being, and Your Love well up and spill onto those whom I love.  Rain on me, Father, rain on me.

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22 thoughts on “Irish Rain {Repost}

  1. So beautiful, and poetic…
    The images were vivid and powerful.
    I had stop, and go back to the beginning, and not read this like a “blog post.”

    But savor each word…

    Like a work of art.
    Thank you for the gift.

  2. “The house is quiet; the only sound is that of tender mercies tapping on the roof. Refreshment is the word of the day, as all who experience the affectionate outpouring seem to come alive with energy.”

    Oh my word – I need this day!!!

    Beautifully written…

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I can make the beauty of your life words my prayer…the whole post…my prayer. Filled with mindfulness of the beauty, awareness of our condition, and gratitude for His grace…His help to receive fully and somehow give.

    Thank you so much.

    (visting via WriteItGirl!)

  4. Never mind the rain.. we had snow on the east coast today! Beautifully written- I usually fail to see the positives in the Irish weather, but you have a way with words that inspires a positive mindset.

      1. Thank you so much, it will be greatly appreciated when you find the time time to write it. In the meantime I am finding such wonderful encouragement in your blog! 🙂

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