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There Is a Love For You

To the young girl waiting for a daddy who’ll never come home. To the old man sitting alone in his living room, surrounded by the trappings of the woman he spent his life caring for. To the twenty-something full of the warm “elixir of life”, laughing with friends, but doubting on the inside. To the… Continue reading There Is a Love For You

Faith · Life · Life Lessons

Sunrise of the Soul

This past year has been one of darkness in my heart. Heaviness. Weariness. Burden. There has been emotional unrest; sorrow without explanation. Not depression in the clinical sense, but a heaviness over me like a lead cloak. Weighing me down. An invisible iron fist laid firm upon my back. There has been physical malady. Headaches.… Continue reading Sunrise of the Soul


Hope for The Weary Mom Review and GIVEAWAY!!

***This giveaway is now closed*** Are you a mom? Or do you know a mom – Particularly one with kids still at home? Weary? Worn down? Need some encouragement and hope from other moms who’ve been there are there? I was so excited when I heard about the eBook Hope for the Weary Mom: Where… Continue reading Hope for The Weary Mom Review and GIVEAWAY!!