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To My Pink Princess

5 Years Old

4 Months Old

I look at you today in your checked dress, big pink flower in your hair, lovely, huge smile on your face.

Today, you are 5.

In so many ways it seems as though you have been in our family from the beginning, and yet I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years since you made your grand appearance!

You were born on Friday the 13th of April, 2007. A tornado touched down just a mile away from the hospital. And then it snowed. As you grew, I remember thinking how fitting the weather was for the day you forever blessed our family.

Sisterhood fun

You, my sweet Boo-boo, are intense. Whatever you feel, think or do, you do with everything that is in you. Very seldom is there a middle of the road for you. I love how you love so deeply, think so thoroughly, and trust so fully.

You love to make people smile and laugh. It brings you such joy when something you’ve said or done brings happiness to someone else.

You love to dance and sing. Twirl, sway, and spin – even better if you can do it in a dress that twirls.

You love all things pink and girly.

1 Year old

You love to lose yourself in the imaginary world of princesses and knights, Peter Pan, flying, sword fights and true love. You giggle endlessly when the prince kisses the girl, and say you think its gross, but I can see in your eyes it delights you. I pray that your prince charming finds you one day, and that you share a romance and True Love like no other.

You love God, and you trust Him implicitly for even the seemingly smallest things – like asking Him to give you a rainbow and not being surprised in the least when He says “yes.”

You are a delight, sweet girl, and I am so honored to your mom. I love your snuggles, scratching your back (and tummy, and arms). I love watching you play with your sister and lovingly care for your brother. I love how you love your daddy, and one of my favorite things in the world is to watch you dance on his feet.

It has been an amazing 5 years, sweet princess, and to outline all the moments I’ve stored in my heart to ponder and treasure would take more paper than there is in the world to write on.

I pray that this year finds your heart even more open to God and His love for you.

I pray your year of being 5 is full of joy, fun, growth, and lots and lots of love.

And I pray above all that you will see, and understand, that you truly are a Princess, loved by the King.

I love you, sweet girl!



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Weary Mom {WINNER}

Thank you to everyone who entered my very first giveaway! I loved hearing from all of you!

There were a total of 16 entries, and I used to pick a random number.

Our winner is:

Commenter #10: Maria, who said, “My biggest need as a mama is energy and creativity.”

Congratulations, Maria! I will email you at the address you gave when you left your comment with the details of how to claim your prize.

Thanks again, everyone! Check back soon, I’ve got a few more reviews and possible giveaways coming down the pike!

There Is a Love For You

To the young girl waiting for a daddy who’ll never come home.

To the old man sitting alone in his living room, surrounded by the trappings of the woman he spent his life caring for.

To the twenty-something full of the warm “elixir of life”, laughing with friends, but doubting on the inside.

To the woman watching him walk out the door as she’s left alone, wondering what went wrong.

To the wife and mom who “has it all”, a loving man, great kids, cool house; yet finds herself crying in the dark watches of night wondering how she can feel so alone.

To the loving couple with a room of pink and blue, but empty arms.

There is a Love for you.

A Friend who sticks closer than a brother – closer than a brother as brothers were meant to be, in the beginning.

Whether you can feel it; or see it; or choose to believe it, there is a God who made you. Knows you. Is pursuing you; loving you more deeply and painstakingly than these feeble words can fully express to you.

How do you know?

I know because I’ve experienced it. I live in it; wallow in it; wade in it everyday. The reality of it pounds in my chest and threatens to burst the very heart of me as I look at you and love you because of the Love that wells up in me. A scary, crazy, inexplicable, unearnable kind of Love.

A Love that doesn’t make it all go away; or get perfect; or never be painful. But a Love that carries, and lifts, and eases. And burns brightly, in the darkest of nights, whether we choose to see it or not.

Yes, dear friend, there is a Love for you. And if you can’t feel it; see it; hear it; want it, let me show you. Let me Love you through word, deed, prayer.

There is. A Love for you.

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Sunrise of the Soul

This past year has been one of darkness in my heart. Heaviness. Weariness. Burden.

There has been emotional unrest; sorrow without explanation. Not depression in the clinical sense, but a heaviness over me like a lead cloak. Weighing me down. An invisible iron fist laid firm upon my back.

There has been physical malady. Headaches. Fatigue. Pain. Illness. Dizziness. The physical symptoms of this unseen weight are too nurmerous – and some too personal – to detail here at length.

Spiritual apathy, spiritual anger, spiritual searching…even spiritual constipation all served to heap sack up on sack of weight onto an already laden back on the brink of snapping.


There came a purging. A purging in the most literal and physical sense which seemed to cleanse the filth, muck and blockades holding captive every aspect of my being.

Now there is peace. Rest. Joy.

Though, there has always been joy. Just not the kind that registers in one’s step. Or breath. But the kind of deep, quiet joy that rests in the fact that mourning may last for a night, but joy will rise with the morning sun.

As I reflect today upon the darkest day the world has ever known – the day the Love of my heart was put to death for my heart – I am keenly aware of the very intimate Easter taking place in my own soul. The darkest hour of the night has passed and I can see the sun peeking it’s face over the horizon. The warmth of its rays just begin to caress my face.

Image by Deibel Photography

I close my eyes, and raise my arms to revel in the immense beauty of it all. I kick off my shoes, feel the dew on my toes, every part of me breathing in the freshness of a new day dawning bright and clear. Throwing off the cloak of a night lasted too long, as the realization dawns that I am alive.

I do not have to fear the darkness; the night in which reality appears much changed. Because while my heart may feel it for a time, the reality is I am never alone. Have never been alone. I have been protected on every side. This soul has been alive through it all. Because of the Hand that laid not firmly on my back, with weight and blame. But because of the Hand that  sat cupped beneath me, holding me up when there was no strength left  to stand of my own accord.

Today is my Third Day. The sun is rising because the Son has risen. This heart is alive, beating freely and wildly. The purpose of this life has been ever before me. The purpose has never been the question. Its the existence that has bogged me down. And now, it is not time to merely exist but to live.

To live and breathe and dance in the Light of the sunrise of my soul.

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Hope for The Weary Mom Review and GIVEAWAY!!

***This giveaway is now closed***

Are you a mom? Or do you know a mom – Particularly one with kids still at home?

Weary? Worn down? Need some encouragement and hope from other moms who’ve been there are there?

I was so excited when I heard about the eBook Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You in Your Mess! What started as an awesome blog series is now a fabulous eBook! When I got the opportunity to review this book, I jumped at the chance!

This book is full of stories from real moms Brooke McGothlin from the MOB Society (Mothers of Boys) and Stacey Thacker from The MOD Squad (Mothers of Daughters) of real life frustrations, times of struggle, and confusion, even heartbreak. Stacey and Brooke don’t stop there, though. They offer hope from God’s Word, and their own experiences, of how God meets us right in the messiness of Motherhood to build up, strengthen and refine.

I especially related to the chapter, “Why You Can’t Live at the Spa,” as a refreshing day spent alone this week just wasn’t enough to carry me through even that very evening with grace, patience and poise.

One of my favorite features of this book is the section at the end full of Scriptures for the Weary Mom. It’s a handy, quick reference guide to so many life-giving drinks of Water from His Word.

If you are a mom, weary down in the trenches of diapers, laundry, marriage balancing, work, and more I highly recommend this book! It is written in such a way that you can eat a chapter a day as part of your devotional times, or read as a traditional book. The discussions questions at the back make it super easy to use with a mom/toddler group, too! This book would also make a great gift for the new mom in your life!

If I was going to change/add anything, it would be to put who wrote each chapter either at the beginning or end of each chapter. Since it was a collaboration between Brooke and Stacey, I would’ve loved to have known who I was reading with each story.

And now to the really fun bit!! Brooke and Stacey have graciously offered to give one of YOU a free copy of Hope for the Weary Mom!!

Simply leave a comment and tell me your biggest need as a weary mama! The winner will be chosen randomly and announced next Wednesday, April 11! You can enter before midnight EST Tuesday, April 10. One entry per person, please! (Comment moderation is on, so don’t flip if your comment doesn’t show up right away ;) )

I received a free copy of Hope for the Weary Mom for the purposes of this review. I was not compensated in anyway, and the opinions expressed above are my very own straight from my heart to yours.

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