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I was at a loss for what to write today. And then I saw what Lisa Jo and the followers of her Facebook page landed on for the 5 Minute Friday prompt. And I knew I had to write.



I see it there…that dot on the horizon.

That thing that I’m hoping for. Praying for.

I would be so much better there.

I could grow.


That dot on the horizon, so close yet so far away.

The road is both long and short between here and there.

The glare of the sunshine creating pools of glassy water. Pools that aren’t really there.

These pools camoflauge the road ahead of me.

I cannot see where, when, if the road turns.

I can only see my feet. Plod. Plod. Plod.

And that dot.

He, however.

He sees it all.

Knows the road.

The turns.

His hand guides me ever gently. Resting softly of the small of my spiritual back.


I do not know if I will reach that dot on the horizon. I so badly want to.

So badly it hurts.

He knows.

So I take a deep breath and trust. And take one more step.

Tomorrow I will choose to trust again.

Knowing He sees beyond the glassy pools of mirage.

Beyond the dot on the horizon.

The here. The Now. And the Then.


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