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hold on

I can’t fix it.

The confusion. The unknown. The hurt.

I wish I could wield a magical tool that would transform all the pain and uncertainty, fear and doubt into a beautiful package tied up with a nice shiny bow.

Oh how I wish I could blink my eyes and your tears would be dried and your heart restored, free to trust and laugh and love.

My heart breaks at the sound of yours breaking.

I can’t fix this. Or change it. Or even make it the slightest bit better.

But I can walk with you.

Hand in hand through this valley of  shadow. Where the road seems hidden, shrouded in debris.

I can sit side by side. And cry. And nod. And hope.

I can throw myself at the feet of the One who loves you more than you or I could ever fathom. I can pour my heart out on your behalf when you don’t have the strength. Or faith. Or words.

I can hug your neck. Make tea. Love those walking with you.

No, I can’t fix this.

But I can love you. And until the Sunlight shines on your face again – and even then – I am here.

Photo by Eflon

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