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I love Fridays. You do, too? Awesome! Well, along with the myriad other reasons to love Friday, I love it because I get to hang out – if only in theory – with the likes of LisaJo Baker and some other amazing writers as we all get together for Five Minute Friday! LisaJo gives us a topic and we all write for 5 minutes straight about said topic. Then we post it and share it over at her blog. No stopping, no editing. Just. Writing. So, without further ado, here’s my take on today’s topic:


Five Minute Friday


A shared glance across the room, separated by a sea of children and toys and books and…

I’m next to you on the couch. I touch your knee. Your hair. Scratch your back.

A poke in the ribs as I fix the baby’s milk.

The memory of an inside joke, years old, that still makes us laugh just as hard now as it did then.

This time has been…


This time has been…


There has always been love over the years. Always been respect and admiration.

And yet, there has been distance. Resistance.

The love of my life

Now, we are truly one in soul. Heart.


Now my eyes see with the lenses of a bride; wide-eyed with wonder. Awe. Joy. Excitement.

Glances that went years unnoticed now bring the flutters of delight; giggles; giddy love.

For my heart

Your heart

Our hearts…

Have connected.

And life has never been sweeter.



8 thoughts on “RE-Connect

  1. Beautiful!!! And what a gift (a legacy) that you are leaving for your children!!! A wife and a husband in love… it truly is a beautiful thing!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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