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It’s Friday once again my good sojourners. I once again am joining up with Miss Lisa-Jo for the mayhem that is Five Minute Friday, writing for 5 minutes straight – and no more! – on a single topic. Without further ado, here is my five minutes on this week’s theme:


Five Minute Friday


Tree in mist

Photo by net_efekt

The days are just a bit shorter now.

The air not warm, not yet crisp.

The leaves bear the evidence of the unending change – not yet fully changed, and yet starkly different.

In my heart I sense the the darkness coming.

And like a child on the floor I kick and fuss and whine and cry.

I grab the proverbial door jamb of life and refuse to go quietly into the unknown.

I look before me and all I see is darkness; death; cold; storms.

My eyes trained on the struggles ahead. The burdens. The heartbreaks. The pain. The failures.

Though all around me, filling the periphery, there is beauty. Vibrance. Color. Light. Life. Fruit.

I stop my screaming; slow the hurried pace of my puffing breath long enough to notice the beauty in the new.

The life in the changes.

I cannot hold back the changes in my heart anymore than I can stem the tide of the changing seasons.

But I can embrace this autumnal presence as what it is – a gift. The signs of a new phase. New steps. New joys.

Yes, there is pain; discomfort; even death. But this death produces such a vibrant life that I would be remiss to ignore the process and risk losing the joy that comes in the morning of crisp, white snow.


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