Five Minute Friday

Wide-Angled View

The theme for Five Minute Friday this week is: WIDE
Five minutes, no stopping, no editing. Just. Writing.


The cage of overcast, heavy clouds has lifted.

The blinders of fog and mist removed.

The sun shines out the brighter, and all things seem new.

The world is glorious.

A cotton-ball sky extends overhead, a brilliant azure blanket covering a rainbowed earth full of colors never before seen by the eyes of man (or so it seems).

I stand in the center and survey the vast expanse of the world surrounding me; I see the horizon and beyond. The life of the earth fills me, and I fill it.

I have never felt so small…or so significant.

How can that be? How, when I am so acutely aware of the extreme small-ness of who I am in the context of this big, expansive, wild universe can I be so sure of the enormous significance that is my life, my soul?

It’s because this amazing world we partake of is the sum of all it’s parts…and so much more. To remove even one speck from it’s canvas would make it less than whole.

I have been placed here in this world for a purpose, as have you, dear friend.

So embrace the vastness. Embrace your small-ness. And embrace your significance. For you matter to me. You matter to the world. You matter to Him.

You just have to see it from His wide-angle view.


I’ve linked this post up with Pieces of Amy, The Better Mom


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