Curled in a ball under the duvet.

Eyes clenched tight. So tight the tears pooling inside can’t escape.


I rock and clench and hum and pretend.

Pretend that the whole world is here inside this coccoon of warmth I’ve made for myself here is my bed. In the dark.

Muted sounds muffle their way through the layers of protection. This armor of fluff and fuzz.

I do my best to pretend they aren’t there. Or they are the waves of some far off shore upon which I wish to be. Alone. Secluded. In my fluffy cocoon.

Open your eyes, He whispers.

Hmm-mm. My head shaking violently side to side. Nope.

Look. He urges again.

No. The word so faint only He and I can hear it.

Why, sweet girl? He strokes my head.

Because if I look I’ll see.

And if I see I’ll feel.

And if I feel I’ll care.

And if I care I must act.

And? He encourages…

And…it’s too much. To much hurt. Too much despair Too much of everything. How will I know where to begin? What to say? Who to help?

Do you see here, where I am? He asks, tenderly.


Start there. Right where You see Me waiting.

Five Minute Friday

Every Friday I join up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday, where we write for 5 minutes, unedited. This week’s prompt is LOOK.

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