Faith · Five Minute Friday

“My” Voice

Find your voice, they say.

Tell your story, they say.

Your words have power; your story gives hope.

The truth?

The truth is I don’t want to find my voice.

My words are empty and my story is hopeless.

My voice says the same thing –

Look at me. Hear me! Me, me, me. This is hard and I’m always right and I know it best. Better than you.

But You?

Your voice is air.

Your Words speak life.

Your voice breathes hope.

Your words sink deep, anchor far below and push through the dirt and soil of doubt, fear, selfishness, lack of faith.

They spring up and bloom with beauty, fragrance, hope.


So, Lord, let me find Your voice. Let me tell Your story.

Your story in me has such great power. And seeks to fill the hearts of those within hearing with love, hope, life.

Let Your words flow from my mouth; my heart.

Let Your voice be my voice.

And let me speak Life to all who would listen.

Once again I’m linking up with LisaJo Baker for the crazy writing flash mob that is Five Minute Friday. This week’s prompt is VOICE.

I’m also linking up with Hope for Hurting Hearts, Intentional Me


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