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So It’s A New Year. Now What?

It takes me by surprise every year.

Not the fact that the calendar changes over once again. Or how time seems to be accelerating at break neck pace.

But nearly every year I’m taken aback that I wake up New Year’s Day just as stressed, worried, burdened as I was when I went to bed on New Year’s Eve. Somehow I convince myself that the dawn of a fresh year will lighten the load, and somehow press the proverbial reboot button on my life.

When The New Year Doesn't Feel So New

Don’t get me wrong, I love the fresh start; the last steps of winter into the freshness of spring. Yet some years I find myself nearly paralyzed by how very little feels new about the New Year.

Join me over at The Better Mom today as we discuss what to do when the New Year Doesn’t Feel So New! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

If you’ve just clicked over here from The Better Mom, I want to welcome you warmly, with open arms! I’m so delighted you are here!


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