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I decided it was high time to dust off these ole keys and blow the cobwebs out of this writer’s mind. What better way to do that than to join LisaJo and her tribe in the greatest writer flash mob around, Five Minute Friday? And I nearly laughed out loud when I read this week’s prompt as I’ve been waxing poetic to anyone who will listen about how hectic the past few months have been – and the next few months will continue to be. So join me for my best five minutes on


Five Minute FridayStart
Sleep finally settles on me

As the fan gently blows cool air over me, lulling me to drift off.


Anger and frustration vie for top billing as I thrash the covers back and stomp to see

What do they want now?

I scold and chide and plead for just a few more minutes…

Lie down; snuggle in; drift off.

Bang. Boom. Slap. Cries.

It seems sleep is not for me today.

Poor me. Woe is me. Nobody cares, but me.

I snuggle you, mama.

I sit on your lap, mama?

I love you, mommy.

As much as sleep refreshes mind and body, today I realize as I watch that rest is found…

In the bubbly laugh of the two year old.

In the halted sounds of my sweet girl sounding out her first written words.

In the belly laughs preceded by, “Tickle me, Daddy!”

This day; this house; this family of mine is full of




Hair-raising stunts

And if I just get out of my own way, it is full of more refreshment and rest than I could ever dare to hope.