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It’s one of my favorite times of the week: Five Minute Friday with LisaJo. Each Friday she gives us a word – a prompt. The rules are simple: write for 5 minutes flat about the word for the week. No stopping, no editing. Just. Writing. Then head over to LisaJo’s place and link it up, and read the other brilliance brought on from the world’s most awesome writing flash mob. 🙂

This week’s prompt: SONG
Five Minute Friday


We laid in the dark on the mattress on the floor. Your fevered body pressed against mine; breathing fast and shallow.

I held you close and sang song after song. Praise. Worship. Hymns about grace and love.

I’m not sure if I was singing them more for your benefit or mine.

It was the fourth day of fever, fussy, fits and meltdowns. We were both at the end of our tether; both exhausted yet finding sleep elusive.

As I sang songs about mercy and grace and the beauty of the name of Jesus your breathing slowed, hands stilled, tension released. We melded together and breathed our praise into the dark of night, certain we were the only two in existence. All because of the power of a song.

You’re better now and sit playing with your things. Cars and baseballs and books strewn about. I lean in close and hear your sweet voice lifted in song. You try – the tune is there – but many of the words escape your memory. So you sing the ones you know…

Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Love me. Jesus. Jesus.

And as you sing my breathing slows, my soul stills and tension that comes from spills and diapers and groceries and homework and he’s-picking-on-me’s releases.

All because of the gentle power of a song, and the potent beauty of a Name.