Five Minute Friday

Two Places at Once

This week’s prompt for the writing flash mob that is Five Minute Friday with LisaJo is: BELONG

Five Minute Friday


I stare out the airplane window at the beauty before me. Lights sparkle like so many diamonds strewn across black velvet.

I realize this is the last time I’ll see this skyline as I land in a plane for a very.long.time. Years.

My dreams are full of lush green hills, lilting music, rolling brogue. My heart already heading back to a land and people I love.

One foot in each place…my right foot in the Emerald Isle, my left in the “Land of the Free.”

I’m not sure how this works, but I know that both are places in which I belong.  One land formed who I am…the other transforming who I want to be.

Its a funny thing this, belonging. It both exposes who you are and who you long to be. All the while shaping who you will become. Arms embrace you, smiles welcome you.

And in the mystery of the way this world works, many places simultaneously bear the label “HOME.”



7 thoughts on “Two Places at Once

  1. Oh so true! It’s amazing how “home” and where you “belong” can become such fluid, questionable ideas in life. I love how you mention that belonging exposes us… reveals something about who we are, want to be, and are becoming. Beautiful!

  2. I so identify with your last sentence: many places simultaneously bear the label “home.” MAN do I ever get that and it is just GUT-wrenching for me sometimes. How can I be so genuinely, fully, PRESENT and engaged and content here where I know God wants me, and yet simultaneously ACHE to be somewhere else?

    Ugh. Anyway… sorry to get all emotional and dump all over your FMF post! 🙂 Haha. I just really get it. Thank you! 🙂

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