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Prayer for a Baby Boy

Dedicated to C.M.G. and his mama, whom I love; and to my son

Photo by Deibel Photography
Photo by Deibel Photography

You, wrapped in that blanket so sweet with those tendrils of hair curling this way and that.

With your skin soft as silk smelling fresh out of heaven, and cheeks full and pink waiting to be nuzzled and kissed.

You are a miracle; fearfully and wonderfully made.

You make us pause and whisper in hushed and reverend tones a breath of thanks and awe.

Many are the hopes and dreams for you, strong boy.

May you grow, little one. Grow strong and stout. Strong of mind. Strong of heart. Strong of arms. May your strength only be surpassed by your wisdom, little man, and may God smile on you in pleasure – and may other people do the same.

May you know Love and understand the origin of it. May you know to the depths of your soul how wide and long and high and deep the Love God has for you; and may you never doubt the sincerity and power of it.

May you also know without doubt how much you are loved on this earth – your mama, grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles.

May Joy be what makes you strong. May it dig roots deep and drink full the Water of Life. May it grow tall and strong, a mighty oak in the storms of this world so that when others look at you they know that you were made for a Purpose.

May you know laughter that rolls from the depths of your soul; even in the face of the scariest of times because you know from where your strength of joy comes.

May you always know the path for you, as though a guide is whispering to you when to turn right, when to turn left.

Lie down and sleep in peace, dear one. You are well swathed in love and hope. Wrapped tightly in the prayers and blessings of those who love you most.


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