For The Lonely

The prompt this week from LisaJo is: LONELY

Five Minute Friday


I see the pain in your eyes, dear friend; hear the hurt in your voice.

Everyone you love most in life has left you…either abandoned you or taken too soon or is just…gone.

I know.

But sweet friend know that there is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother; than the best brother.

I know you’re tired. Like bone-deep, mind-numbingly, can’t-muster-the-heart-energy-to-lift-a-single-prayer tired.

I know.

But we have a promise. That those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength. Will fly and soar like an eagle without a care…no, with power. Might. Majesty.

Wait on the Lord?

I know.

I hate waiting, too.

When the silence threatens to swallow you whole and the ache deep inside tries to burst from within.

But wait. In His presence, wait. When your heart has no words, wait. Sit in His space and let Him surround you. To be filled with His infinite self and know that you are loved beyond compare.

Bask in the glow of who He is as you envision His face across from you at the table. Filling the room. Filling your soul.

Nourishing; replenishing; comforting.

I know how the loneliness pervades – even in the busiest of places, surrounded by thousands of people.

I know.

But know this…trust in this…even in your darkest, loneliest place, you may be lonely

But you are never alone.



4 thoughts on “For The Lonely

  1. How easy it is to feel alone in the aloneness – somehow believing that “I’m the only one”! That’s what stood out to me in reading your post – all the “I knows”.

  2. We can easily allow loneliness to overtake us when we are alone when these times actually provide more space in our hearts for our God!
    Luv XX

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