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I’ve been a bit quiet around here. Life has been…in upheaval. Emotions are raw. Deep. Exhausting. But when I saw the prompt for Five Minute Friday from LisaJo Baker, what has been the prayer of my heart the past two months sprang forth in words. And the words have been sparse. So I thought I’d better take advantage of it. So, here’s my best five minutes on

Five Minute Friday

The words jostle to come. To be released; freed. So many things bubble, churn, vie for attention. But the words don’t come.

Pain. Sorrow. Fear. Passion. Hopes. Dreams. All to set free among the world.

But the words don’t come.

Pain holds them down. Fear locks the key.

The words I speak bring only death. Spread only fear.

So write Your story in my life.

Pen Your words on my tongue.

Scribe them deep on the walls of my heart.

Etched like marble. Tender as silk.

Because when You form the plot, death becomes life.

All the injustices of this life; the that’s-not-fair sits balanced and light next to the freeing weight of Your Truth.

So scribe them deep in my soul, O Lord.

So when I speak Your story comes through.

Even when surrounded by death, destruction, pain and nonsense, when I speak Life springs forth.

Let there me less of me. Less of my “good.”

More of You. More of Your Story. Your Life. Your Freedom.

Write, oh God, write.