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Working Without a Net

As I write this, I’m babysitting my friends’ children. Now, before you send me heated emails or comments about how irresponsible I’m being, it’s late and the kids are all asleep. 😉 As I sit in the quiet, sipping my nice hot cuppa tea, I can’t help but reflect on how much life without a… Continue reading Working Without a Net

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Help?! {Guest Posting at The Better Mom}

The pain was non-stop now as the contractions came one on top of another. I desperately needed to push, but the doctors said I couldn’t yet without risking damage to myself or the baby. I was really starting to rethink this whole “miracle of natural childbirth” thing, and I started to panic. I began to… Continue reading Help?! {Guest Posting at The Better Mom}


Compassion Taking Over Twitter??

Most of us know about Compassion International for their Sponsor a Child program for sponsoring needy children around the world. But many of us (myself included until recently) don’t know that they also have other great programs, including providing water filters so children can have clean, safe water to drink. I’d like to ask you… Continue reading Compassion Taking Over Twitter??