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When JOY Seems Lost

Lights twinkle white and rainbow in windows, on trees, stores and street lights, and one words seems to be on everyone’s lips. We sing songs about it, pose our kids with cardboard letters of it, and plaster smiles on our faces as we spread Christmas cheer near and far. JOY Yet, maybe it all feels… Continue reading When JOY Seems Lost

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Teach Them A Lesson

This week has been tough. My emotions are running just below the surface and range from unspeakable gratitude to nigh unspeakable sorrow. Christmas here is always a bittersweet time for our family, since we are home and yet away from home. We are soaking up the time together, reveling in the joy that comes from… Continue reading Teach Them A Lesson

Life Lessons

When The Milk Won’t Come Out Of Your Nose

We’ve all either been there, heard about it, or had it happen to us. Children are sitting around a cafeteria table; or maybe it’s a group of college roommates hanging out on a Friday night. The time, place, and ages vary, but the outcome is the same. Someone takes a drink; at that exact same… Continue reading When The Milk Won’t Come Out Of Your Nose

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Unbridled Joy

We live in a small village in western Ireland – a small village. So small, in fact, that if you blink while driving through it you’ll miss it. We have a small grocery store, an elementary school, a secondary school, some small factories tucked away behind houses, a church and two pubs. That’s it. Whenever… Continue reading Unbridled Joy