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When Your Dreams Disappear

“What are you longing for, deep down in the depths of your soul?…Use your imagination…go on, close you’re eyes and dream.” I stared at those words on the page in front of me and blinked hard. What are you longing for? Sleep!! Came the cry from my heart. Ha! Beyond that…what are your dreams? Your… Continue reading When Your Dreams Disappear

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5 Things I Learned About Myself on My First Ski Trip

Having grown up a desert rat in central and southern Arizona, skiing was always somewhat of a foreign concept to me. It was something either rich people did, or college kids on winter break. Certainly not an option for a girl like me: not an athletic bone in her body who lived hours away from… Continue reading 5 Things I Learned About Myself on My First Ski Trip


When You Can’t See God in Your Story

Have you ever felt like even though you’re doing all the right things, God seems glaringly absent in your daily life? Does it seem no matter how hard you work, things just don’t seem to get better and the outlook seems bleak? I have so been there, friend. I want to encourage you, though, that… Continue reading When You Can’t See God in Your Story


When You Feel Useless

There have been several times in my life during which I’ve felt particularly useless. Times when life seemed to be not only lacking opportunities to use my gifts and talents, but almost seems to be deliberately blocking the use of them. I feel these times more acutely as a mother than another other time of… Continue reading When You Feel Useless

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Pollen From Paint?

The sun streamed in through the floor-to-ceiling windows and warmed our backs as we sipped coffee at our favorite cafe – a rare treat in October (the sun, not the coffee). Our son toddled happily around his familiar surroundings and we just sipped, and chatted, and watched and enjoyed. When out of the corner of… Continue reading Pollen From Paint?

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The Blessing of A Bloom

We planted it back at the beginning of summer. Along with the strawberries that never quite made it, and the sweet pea that bloomed in beauty. It was the first of the three plants to sprout, and the excitement was palpable. Day after day we’d rush to the pot to see what progress had been… Continue reading The Blessing of A Bloom