Manic Monday – The Shoe Rack

If you’ve spent anytime at all wandering around my little corner of Blogland, you’ve most likely found that organization is not my forte, and that I’m chronically lazy at heart, and I am not in any form or fashion a morning person. So, whatever I can do to make my days/weeks run more smoothly, without… Continue reading Manic Monday – The Shoe Rack


Manic Monday – The Routine

One thing that makes my week run more smoothly is some element of routine and predictability. While our lifestyle warrants days full of fluidity (because flexible isn’t flexible enough), I (and particularly Flower Girl) thrive on routine. So, we have routines for all kinds of areas of our life. But today I want to focus… Continue reading Manic Monday – The Routine


Manic Monday – The House Check

This is another trusty-dusty tidbit from my childhood. It’s also another one of those ideas that when you read it, seems almost silly to devote an entire post to because it’s a bit, well….“Oh duh.” However, the amount of times I neglect this little golden nugget either out of sheer exhaustion, or forgetfulness, is staggering!… Continue reading Manic Monday – The House Check


Manic Monday – Goodnight, Sink

I had a different idea in mind for Manic Monday today, but when I woke up to a sink (and counter, and table, and coffee table…) full of dirty dishes I decided to write about this. Tell your kitchen sink “goodnight”. Take a few minutes before you go to bed to make sure the dishes… Continue reading Manic Monday – Goodnight, Sink


Manic Monday – Green Drain Cleaner

This week’s tip is one I learned from my mom when I was a kid. I love it because it’s easy, inexpensive, safe for my family (and the environment!), and it works! Ever have a drain that smells horrible, or just drains slowly? Ever wonder what you can do to fix it without using expensive,… Continue reading Manic Monday – Green Drain Cleaner

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Manic Monday – On Sunday!

This week’s Manic Monday post is on a Sunday because tomorrow I have a very exciting post, so be sure to check back tomorrow as well! Ok, today’s tip comes from one of my new favorite authors, Jen Hatmaker. She’s the author of 9 books, including Out of the Spin Cycle (click the title for… Continue reading Manic Monday – On Sunday!