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We’re Moving!!

Hi, dear friends!! I am so excited to be letting you know that This Gal’s Journey is moving!! As of today, you can find us at! If you are already a subscriber to this blog, you should be automatically transferred over! But be sure to head over to the new site and enter the… Continue reading We’re Moving!!


When You’re Missing Out on the Blessing

The air hung thick and hot as the sun beat down on my face. The usually dry heat so familiar to this place had given way to a muggy and heavy blanket tucked over the city. On the horizon, circling all around our neighborhood, clouds towered high. Thunderheads rose tall and powerful, teasing with the… Continue reading When You’re Missing Out on the Blessing

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Are You Building Your Own Soil?

Have you ever heard of the Aran Islands? They are a set of three small islands off the west coast of Ireland, famous for their rich wool sweaters and being a heart of Irish cultural preservation. When we lived in Ireland, we could see these islands from our living room window—when it wasn’t raining, anyway.… Continue reading Are You Building Your Own Soil?

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Why I’m Doing the Job I Didn’t Want to Do

I recently accepted a job. This job was an answer to prayer in so many ways—and it’s a job I said I’d never do again. Before we ever went overseas, I taught first grade for a year. That was one tough year. First year teacher, mid-year created class, and a group of students who hadn’t… Continue reading Why I’m Doing the Job I Didn’t Want to Do

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When You Feel Marked by Life

Have you ever felt like no matter what you do, you can’t escape your past? Somewhere along the way, something you did, or something you said, or whoever you are or whoever your parent is came back to haunt you. And it keeps coming back. Like whatever your mistake was – or perceived mistake, or guilt… Continue reading When You Feel Marked by Life