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  1. “I can’t do this”. That’s what I’ve been saying a lot lately. Your article blessed me this morning.
    I have been married for nearly 21 years- – entered the 18th year as a Mom in February. I have 4 children. The oldest, 17, Wesley has asperger’s syndrome and #3 Gaelan, 12, also has an autism spectrum disorder. I love these two just as much as my two other neuro-typical children , Owen, 15 and Haley,7. I have some bad days though and it seems they just come one right after the other. For the last few weeks I have been trying to get rid of lice!! I dearly need to remember your message. No, I cannot do it, so I must lean on the Holy Spirit because through me He can.
    I was already thinking ,wow, thank you Lord, you knew what I needed to be reminded of.
    Then I went to your site here and discovered that you live in Ireland and you love the Irish language. I don’t get much time for it but the Irish language is a hobby. I get Irish word for the day emailed to me every day. You can be sure I’ll be back to your site for more visits.
    My husband and I dream of going to Ireland for an extended visit. We don’t know how that will ever happen because we’re not what you’d call “well off”. We pray that God will give us the resources and the opportunity to do so “someday” .
    Beannacht dé leat ( I hope I spelled that correctly- no time to check)
    Heather Rushing

    1. Hi, Heather! Agus go riabh mile maith agat!! 🙂 I don’t “meet” many folks in the States with knowledge of, let alone an affinity for, the Irish language! I will pray that if it’s in His plan, that He open the door for you to come visit!

      I cannot fathom the stress and fatigue you must be under. The worry alone as a mother is such a heavy burden. I pray that you find yourself tucked safely in the palm of His hand daily, walking in His strength.

  2. Dia guit a Jennifer,
    Now don’t be too impressed! I had to spend a few minutes translating your “and a thousand thank you-s to you”. When I got it I thought” I should have known that.” As I say, I don’t get much time with Irish language learning and it has been a while since I did much at all with it. I bet you wonder how I ever came to want to learn it. In a nutshell, music. My husband and I love Irish music. Back in the 90’s when Enya was becoming popular I was intrigued by her songs sung in Irish( and more artists since). When I like a song I want to know all the words so I can sing along. I think Irish is a beautiful language especially when sung . So began the journey. It has grown by fits. A couple of years ago I discovered many more resources on the internet than what had been available before. That got me going on a “spree” for a few months to a year. Any mother will find that it is hard to keep up with something like that when you are busy with a family and keeping house.
    Yes, our life here can be stressful, I am thankful for the quiet times when the kids are all at school. Some days are discouraging but the more I focus on the Lord the better. When I get spiritually dry from being too busy with” stuff “,I regret it. I used to let that regret condemn me so that I felt ashamed to come back to the Lord. I am doing better with that, praise God! My pastor’s wife and one author especially have taught me to understand His love and grace a little better. I have come to recognize the Enemy’s attack a little better too. Stormie Omartian, the author of The Power of a Praying Woman, etc ( a whole series)- well, what a teacher of the scriptures and a powerful woman of prayer! I thank God for this sister. I have also found much encouragement here on the web. You have already been one source.
    I think ( please Lord) that we may be getting ahead of the lice, though I spent nearly 2 hours searching through both my daughters’ hair last night. The elder complained that her head was itchy (oh NO!) just a few minutes before supper – that was already on the late side ( I am notorious for that). I found nothing “live” and the rest may have been dandruff. The school nurse looked through this morning and found nothing. The younger daughter, I found very little if any.
    But hey! I want to know more about you( I read your” about” page). How did you come to live in Ireland?!!

  3. Hey Jen, my name is Melissa McCubbin and I absolutely love your page! You are an inspiration! I am wanting to learn the Irish language and dance where would you suggest I start? My husband is Irish! His grandparents came here to the states in the late 1920’s from Ireland on a boat. So being married to him for 24 years and having his 6 children has really led me to the Irish:) We have talked about moving there. I have a couple questions for ya. What do you think about living there? How are the taxes? How is the government? Also, the healthcare? Thank you in advance and have a very blessed day! Your American friend, Melissa

  4. Hi thisgalsjourney, I am a photographer looking to quote a mother and newborn son’s picture. I am very moved reading this. I was curious if you would give me permission to use the last paragraph to quote picture this picure I plan on posting on my facebook (www.facebook/com/BanakoePhotography). I would state that the quote came from you and even link this blog. If not, it’s totally okay! 🙂 Please let me know. Thank you and amazingly beautiful job!

  5. Our daughter Calah Is in the 8th grade, she was held back in the 6th grade. I try to teach her about God, she got saved last year. Prayer makes a difference but I think I have to teach her more about walking by faith and not by sight. A re there any suggestions for a book that she can read to continue to walk with God?

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