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This Gal’s Journey – How I Got Here And Where I’m Going

Adrenaline coursed through my veins and my heart pounded in excitement as I read the professor’s notes on my assignment, “Wow! Great use of detail and description. You should consider pursuing writing as your degree!” The thought took my breath away and excited me. It also made me sad. I knew the chances of making… Continue reading This Gal’s Journey – How I Got Here And Where I’m Going

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Ripples of Grace – A New Perspective on the Mommy Wars

The internet has been all a flutter recently over the arrival of the new royal baby. You would be hard pressed to visit any news website or social media outlet and not see something about the big news. And for each media outlet post, there has been every manner of remark about Kate herself, and the… Continue reading Ripples of Grace – A New Perspective on the Mommy Wars

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The Woman on the Corner

I see her sitting there everyday. Rain, shine, snow, wind, she’s there. Her skin is dark, weathered, worn. Wisps of black-grey hair peek out from underneath her near thread-bare scarf, her long skirts gathered around her legs as she sits criss cross on the sidewalk under the tree. That big tree that leafs large in… Continue reading The Woman on the Corner

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And Even if He Doesn’t…

I stand at the sink, sleeves rolled, heart heavy. I dunk the plate into the bowl of as-hot-as-I-can-stand-it soapy water because the pipes have been backed up since Wednesday and the plumber doesn’t come until Monday but I need to do something. The suds swirl and cover the dish and I scrub and I pray.… Continue reading And Even if He Doesn’t…

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I’d Have You Over, But…

Have you ever really felt like you needed to invite a friend or acquaintance over to your house for tea or coffee, but didn’t because the house wasn’t “right?” Yeah, me too. A lot. You see, I’m not what you would normally consider a “homemaker.” However, I’m redefining my definition of that word. You see,… Continue reading I’d Have You Over, But…

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Put Your Hands in the Air

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but raising kids is hard. Whether you have family around or not; a huge church or just a couple of like-minded folks; whether you have one kiddo or ten. It’s heart wrenching, twenty-four-seven, soul-aching-full-of-love hard work. And like most things that are hard, the rewards are almostĀ incalculable. When that… Continue reading Put Your Hands in the Air

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Where You See Me

Curled in a ball under the duvet. Eyes clenched tight. So tight the tears pooling inside can’t escape. I rock and clench and hum and pretend. Pretend that the whole world is here inside this coccoon of warmth I’ve made for myself here is my bed. In the dark. Muted sounds muffle their way through… Continue reading Where You See Me