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The Greatest Competition that Never Was

I sat in the waiting room babbling away to the woman next to me in the adorable outfit and impeccable hair with her babe laid to her breast. I don’t know why I felt the need to explain to the woman next to me why my baby was drinking from a bottle. I wanted her… Continue reading The Greatest Competition that Never Was

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Ripples of Grace – A New Perspective on the Mommy Wars

The internet has been all a flutter recently over the arrival of the new royal baby. You would be hard pressed to visit any news website or social media outlet and not see something about the big news. And for each media outlet post, there has been every manner of remark about Kate herself, and the… Continue reading Ripples of Grace – A New Perspective on the Mommy Wars

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Midnight Holy Ground

Mother presents me daily with a myriad of lessons. However, the most common – and most painful – is the daily hourly lesson of just how extremely selfish I truly am. Motherhood confronts every natural comfort, desire and longing. It stands in direct contrast to what comes easily to me – serving myself. However, every… Continue reading Midnight Holy Ground

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When Beauty Takes You By Surprise

Have you ever been to a particular place upteenmillion times, and on the upteenmillionandfirst time you go, you notice something absolutely amazing? Something that had been there the whole time but you had been so immersed in you own stuff you had never seen it? I had one such experience recently and it was such… Continue reading When Beauty Takes You By Surprise

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The Gentle Power of A Song

It’s one of my favorite times of the week: Five Minute Friday with LisaJo. Each Friday she gives us a word – a prompt. The rules are simple: write for 5 minutes flat about the word for the week. No stopping, no editing. Just. Writing. Then head over to LisaJo’s place and link it up,… Continue reading The Gentle Power of A Song

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Treasure, Ponder, Snuggle, Repeat

I see your small body on the sheet covered¬†gurney; blood staining your knee and your jeans. Tears stain your cheeks and sweat has matted your hair to your head. I want to remember how tiny you were are and how things can happen and change in an instant. I see you standing in front of… Continue reading Treasure, Ponder, Snuggle, Repeat

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Clarity in the Night

They come far too few and ¬†far between. Moments of stark and complete clarity. Moments when the mist thins and the things that seemed so crystal clear before, you now realize were smudged at best…completely distorted at worst. I had one such moment recently while caring for our son through a bout of croup. I’m… Continue reading Clarity in the Night