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Christmas in America (or How Silent Night Makes me Cry)

You know, it’s funny, this expat life. So much time spent longing for things and people in far off places. And never is that longing so palpable than Christmastime. When overseas, the heart yearns for family, familiarity and the Tim-the-Toolman-Taylor-esque light displays. You go to great lengths (and financial cost) to procure the specialty import items –… Continue reading Christmas in America (or How Silent Night Makes me Cry)

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If You Came to My Village

If you came to my wee village in the west of Ireland on Saint Patrick’s Day, it might look a little bit different than you expect. It might be more subdued. There might be less green. There certainly wouldn’t be any pinching. But it would no doubt be an experience that you would take with… Continue reading If You Came to My Village

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So You Want To Learn Irish? {GIVEAWAY}

****ENTRIES NOW CLOSED**** CONGRATS TO OUR WINNER, COMMENTER #3: CRYSTAL B.!! Whenever I post here or on Facebook about how we live our everyday lives through the medium of the Irish language, I always get loads of response. There’s a massive connection and draw for Americans to all things Irish. And the Irish language is… Continue reading So You Want To Learn Irish? {GIVEAWAY}

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A Wee Bit O’ Irish {GIVEAWAY!!} (updated)

***GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED*** Congrats to our winners: Donna and Joyce! I have emailed you. 🙂 Living in rural Ireland, as you might imagine, can be just as idyllic as is sounds. Lush green hills, rugged coastline, lilting voices, vibrant music. The area in which we live is a hotbed for culture, language and arts. Music,… Continue reading A Wee Bit O’ Irish {GIVEAWAY!!} (updated)

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Irish Lesson of the Week

A lot of people are really intrigued by the fact that we live in an Irish-speaking area. Yes, that’s right, Ireland has it’s own language! In fact, Ireland has 2 official, national languages: English and Irish (aka Gaelic). Many people are surprised to learn that our kiddos’ school is completely taught through Irish. Not as… Continue reading Irish Lesson of the Week