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A Goodbye Hello

I had another post in mind for today, but upon reflection have moved that to the back burner. And so, I fully embrace the fun that is Five Minute Friday. I’ve really enjoyed this exercise the past two weeks, so was looking forward to doing it again. Today’s prompt is: TENDER Start Bright blue eyes… Continue reading A Goodbye Hello

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The Dancing Princess: A Mother’s Letter to Her Daughter

You twirl and sway around the room. Into the hall. The living room. Kitchen. Look at me, Mommy! Look at this! I look and my heart both soars with joy and pride; and breaks at how quickly you are growing. How can you look so small and so grown up at the same time? A… Continue reading The Dancing Princess: A Mother’s Letter to Her Daughter

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Manic Monday – Divine Dirt?

I had just opened the dishwasher to reboot my dishes so that I would be ready to tell the sink goodnight in a little while when I heard a small voice behind me, “Mom, will you play Old Maid with us?” I turned around to find my 6 year old, holding a ragged deck of… Continue reading Manic Monday – Divine Dirt?