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Why I’m Doing the Job I Didn’t Want to Do

I recently accepted a job. This job was an answer to prayer in so many ways—and it’s a job I said I’d never do again. Before we ever went overseas, I taught first grade for a year. That was one tough year. First year teacher, mid-year created class, and a group of students who hadn’t… Continue reading Why I’m Doing the Job I Didn’t Want to Do

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Prayers with Skin On: An Open Letter to Our Neighbors

Dear Neighbor, I just want to take a moment to say: Thank you. Yes, you with the tween daughter just like mine, who took my girls under her wing and gave them a familiar, friendly face on the first day of school. Who has been that friendly face day in and day out since then… Continue reading Prayers with Skin On: An Open Letter to Our Neighbors

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When You’re Not Who You Thought You Were

I slowly sipped the steaming coffee, letting it soothe me with it’s warmth. As I cupped the mug in my hands, my eyes lingered on the faded Scottish flag painted upon it. We had bought it while in Scotland on a work trip back years ago. Back then there was no mistaking the stark white X… Continue reading When You’re Not Who You Thought You Were

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When You Realize Your Own Insignificance

I woke up with a jolt. Something wasn’t right. I sat up in bed and surveyed my surroundings. Pale blue light seeped lazily through the slats in the vertical blinds, and my husband slept, undisturbed, next to me. No children stirred down the hall, no bird welcome the day with his song. I’d heard something.… Continue reading When You Realize Your Own Insignificance

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Stepping Into the Fire

The Christian life is often one lived in the tension between promises given and promises fulfilled. We find ourselves, perhaps more than we care to admit, in circumstances which frighten and threaten to shake our faith. I’m delighted and honored to be sharing over at (in)courage today, talking about that tension. About how sometimes we have… Continue reading Stepping Into the Fire

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On Roots, Rootlessness, and Faith

Our family is embarking on a new adventure. After over a journey of over ten years of overseas life, we are daring to believe we can start over. This time, we’re starting over right here in the United States! What are we doing? We don’t know. We just know, we sensed the Lord closing the… Continue reading On Roots, Rootlessness, and Faith