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What If…

If you’ve spent any time here poking around through past posts, you’ve likely seen me write about faith, joy, depression, community, fear and how going it alone not only stinks, it’s not the way things were meant to be. (side note: I really, really wanted to put a comma after “fear”, but I’m told we… Continue reading What If…

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Manic Monday: 5 “Deceptively” Delicious Ways to get Your Kids to Eat Healthy {Guest Post}

I’m thrilled to have Erin from The Humbled Homemaker back again to share some of her tips, tricks and hints to make the week run more smoothly! If you’ve not checked out her blog, be sure to hop over there after you read these great nuggets for helping your kids eat healthy! Do you ever… Continue reading Manic Monday: 5 “Deceptively” Delicious Ways to get Your Kids to Eat Healthy {Guest Post}


Manic Monday – Crock Pot Recipes

It’s that time of year; when warm, hearty meals bring comfort and nostalgia. And where the thought of something hot to eat doesn’t make you want to hurt someone. 🙂 I use my crock pot year round, but it certainly sees more frequent use during the fall and winter months. So, I thought I’d share… Continue reading Manic Monday – Crock Pot Recipes


Manic Monday – Traveling With Baby

Since we were traveling for the last week, the tips listed below made my week run a lot smoother, so I thought they’d make a good Manic Monday! Air Travel has changed a lot in the last few years. With more rules, regulations, and restrictions, it feels like making traveling with baby, or kids, simple… Continue reading Manic Monday – Traveling With Baby


Manic Monday – The Shoe Rack

If you’ve spent anytime at all wandering around my little corner of Blogland, you’ve most likely found that organization is not my forte, and that I’m chronically lazy at heart, and I am not in any form or fashion a morning person. So, whatever I can do to make my days/weeks run more smoothly, without… Continue reading Manic Monday – The Shoe Rack


Manic Monday – The Routine

One thing that makes my week run more smoothly is some element of routine and predictability. While our lifestyle warrants days full of fluidity (because flexible isn’t flexible enough), I (and particularly Flower Girl) thrive on routine. So, we have routines for all kinds of areas of our life. But today I want to focus… Continue reading Manic Monday – The Routine


Manic Monday – Family Fun Friday

For those of you who are new readers in my little corner of Blogland, the idea behind the Manic Monday series is to share tips/tricks/hints that I have either learned, stumbled upon, or gotten from friends, to help make the week run a little more smoothly. One thing that has helped us greatly is Family… Continue reading Manic Monday – Family Fun Friday