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If you’ve spent any time here poking around through past posts, you’ve likely seen me write about faith, joy, depression, community, fear and how going it alone not only stinks, it’s not the way things were meant to be. (side note: I really, really wanted to put a comma after “fear”, but I’m told we no longer put commas between the last two items of a list so…)

All that to say, these ideas – of faith and community – have been rattling around in the ole noggin for awhile now. And I’ve been doing some introspection, and retrospection, of my own heart and life and it got me thinking: what if…

Image by Minhquan_0810

What if I ring that friend who just lost her baby? I know I don’t know what to say. She knows it. What if I just put the fear aside, and her heart in front, and say something like, “I don’t know what to say. I know you’re hurting. I love you and I’m here.” What if…

What if I stopped worrying what the widow down the street would think and just invite her over for dinner once a week already?

What if I sacrificed an extra hour of sleep once a week to make those treats  to sneak into the teachers’ lounge at my kids school? I’ve only been thinking about it for three years now…

What if I looked the lady at the cash register in the eye and gave her a genuine smile for 2 seconds instead of griping at my kids, fumbling with my wallet and trying to do mental math to check her arithmetic?

What if when I was cutting my grass I went ahead and cut the grass of my neighbor across the street? I know he has heart problems.

What if I stopped worrying that I would some how step on her toes and just go over to that homeschooling mom’s house and offer to help sort papers? Or re-shelf books ? Or cook dinner so she can sort and shelf and grade?

What if I stop when I meet that other mom in the shop I always seem to bump into? The one with the tired eyes and four kids under 5 years old. What if I told her she’s doing a great job, and none of us are in this alone. This motherhood thing. It doesn’t matter if I don’t know her name. What if I just said something nice. What if?

What if I leave my thoughts and judgments about that person’s lifestyle on the back burner and extended a handshake hello and bought a cup of coffee?

What. If.

What if I get off this merry-go-round of cookie cutter “faith” and stepped with a shaky, unsure foot onto the wavy, watery ocean upon which He walked? What if I let His radical love so radically burn in my heart that I can’t help but love others more than myself? My comfort? My time?

What if…

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