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We’re Moving!!

Hi, dear friends!! I am so excited to be letting you know that This Gal’s Journey is moving!! As of today, you can find us at! If you are already a subscriber to this blog, you should be automatically transferred over! But be sure to head over to the new site and enter the… Continue reading We’re Moving!!

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You Say Potato, I Say…Zulassungsbescheinigung

We get a lot of comments from people about how lucky we are to live where we do, how exotic our lives must be, and one question we get asked all.the.time: What’s it like living in a foreign country??   Let me tell you a story… Today, I needed to run some errands. I needed a… Continue reading You Say Potato, I Say…Zulassungsbescheinigung

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When Beauty Takes You By Surprise

Have you ever been to a particular place upteenmillion times, and on the upteenmillionandfirst time you go, you notice something absolutely amazing? Something that had been there the whole time but you had been so immersed in you own stuff you had never seen it? I had one such experience recently and it was such… Continue reading When Beauty Takes You By Surprise

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10 People You See Everyday on Public Transport

A huge portion of the world utilizes public transport as their primary mode of transportation. After spending a few months doing just that, I have decided that there are 10 People you will see everyday, without fail, when utilizing public transport. Let me know if you’ve seen them, too. Here we go: 1. The Prideful Regular… Continue reading 10 People You See Everyday on Public Transport

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In A Courtyard of Stone

We enter the empty courtyard on a brisk Sunday morning. The sky, a cloudless azure, is a stark and beautiful backdrop to the towering stone spires and turrets hovering above. We are stopped in our tracks by the beauty. The stature. The solitude. The silence. We stood there for an eternity – though really only… Continue reading In A Courtyard of Stone

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To My Husband: A Letter of Thanksgiving

My wonderful husband and I have been married for almost 13 1/2 years…and I don’t verbally, or publicly, recognize all the amazing, wonderful things he does for me, for our family, nearly often enough. You guys, he takes care of so many mundane tasks and does them so well that I don’t even realize he’s… Continue reading To My Husband: A Letter of Thanksgiving