Faith · Five Minute Friday

The Unwritten Story

I’ve been a bit quiet around here. Life has been…in upheaval. Emotions are raw. Deep. Exhausting. But when I saw the prompt for Five Minute Friday from LisaJo Baker, what has been the prayer of my heart the past two months sprang forth in words. And the words have been sparse. So I thought I’d… Continue reading The Unwritten Story

Faith · Five Minute Friday

Last…or Lasting?

This week’s prompt from LisaJo Baker for Five Minute Friday is LAST. So, we write for five minutes – no stopping, no editing – and pour our hearts out. Here is my best five minutes on LAST. START Do you ever feel like when it comes to God’s priorities, you’re last on the list? Your… Continue reading Last…or Lasting?

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The Soundtrack Rhythms of Life

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’ve been quiet the last few Fridays. LisaJo’s prompts for the crazy madhouse of writing that is Five Minute Friday¬†– five minutes, one topic, no stopping, not editing –¬†have been intriguing of late…but my heart, my energy, wasn’t in it. This week, however, I was determined to participate, because I… Continue reading The Soundtrack Rhythms of Life

Faith · Five Minute Friday

Room For A View

This week the prompt for Five Minute Friday with LisaJo is VIEW: START We stood at the precipice of the canyon – pillars and wiggles of red rock as far as the eye could see. It was stunning. Breathtaking. From the bottom looking up it was a hot mess…dirt and dust; rock and debris. Rough… Continue reading Room For A View

Family · Five Minute Friday

The Gentle Power of A Song

It’s one of my favorite times of the week: Five Minute Friday with LisaJo. Each Friday she gives us a word – a prompt. The rules are simple: write for 5 minutes flat about the word for the week. No stopping, no editing. Just. Writing. Then head over to LisaJo’s place and link it up,… Continue reading The Gentle Power of A Song

Faith · Five Minute Friday

After the Declaration

This week’s prompt from LisaJo is After. Five minutes, no editing, just writing. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately thinking, meditating, praying. Talking to this One I address as Lord, about all the things I declare about Him…to Him. Do I really believe this? Is this true? What are my core values? And… Continue reading After the Declaration