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The Exquisite Ache of Learning Something new

I started a new job last week. And after a decade of living the non-traditional expat lifestyle, I can tell you the learning curve was steep. Not just the learning curve, but the mental energy stamina. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve used my brain in this way. Oh, I’ve learned new stuff while… Continue reading The Exquisite Ache of Learning Something new

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On Roots, Rootlessness, and Faith

Our family is embarking on a new adventure. After over a journey of over ten years of overseas life, we are daring to believe we can start over. This time, we’re starting over right here in the United States! What are we doing? We don’t know. We just know, we sensed the Lord closing the… Continue reading On Roots, Rootlessness, and Faith

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Christmas in America (or How Silent Night Makes me Cry)

You know, it’s funny, this expat life. So much time spent longing¬†for things and people in far off places.¬†And never is that longing so palpable than Christmastime. When overseas, the heart yearns for family, familiarity and the Tim-the-Toolman-Taylor-esque light displays. You go to great lengths (and financial cost) to procure the specialty import items –… Continue reading Christmas in America (or How Silent Night Makes me Cry)

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An Expat’s Independence Day

We sit in our living room watching a YouTube video of fireworks while we reminisce about the Fourth of July we spent in America two years ago. Two years! Before that it had been four years since we had celebrated American Independence Day in America. And I never quite know how to feel about it.… Continue reading An Expat’s Independence Day