Manic Monday – Crock Pot Recipes

It’s that time of year; when warm, hearty meals bring comfort and nostalgia. And where the thought of something hot to eat doesn’t make you want to hurt someone. 🙂 I use my crock pot year round, but it certainly sees more frequent use during the fall and winter months. So, I thought I’d share… Continue reading Manic Monday – Crock Pot Recipes


Manic Monday – The Chore Chart

Alternate title for this post: The Experiment So, admittedly, I am not a naturally tidy/organized person. This isn’t for lack of trying on my mother’s part. She taught and trained us well. It’s just I let my lazy, selfish nature take over more often than not. That, however, is not what I want to teach… Continue reading Manic Monday – The Chore Chart


Manic Monday: The Family Clothes Hamper {Guest Post}

Guest Post Written by Erin Odom of The Humbled Homemaker Laundry has always been one of the areas of my home that always—literally—piles up on me. I try to do one load each day, but if I miss just one day, it seems I have a mountain of clothes and linens waiting for me the… Continue reading Manic Monday: The Family Clothes Hamper {Guest Post}


Manic Monday – The House Check

This is another trusty-dusty tidbit from my childhood. It’s also another one of those ideas that when you read it, seems almost silly to devote an entire post to because it’s a bit, well….“Oh duh.” However, the amount of times I neglect this little golden nugget either out of sheer exhaustion, or forgetfulness, is staggering!… Continue reading Manic Monday – The House Check

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Manic Monday – Divine Dirt?

I had just opened the dishwasher to reboot my dishes so that I would be ready to tell the sink goodnight in a little while when I heard a small voice behind me, “Mom, will you play Old Maid with us?” I turned around to find my 6 year old, holding a ragged deck of… Continue reading Manic Monday – Divine Dirt?


Manic Monday – Goodnight, Sink

I had a different idea in mind for Manic Monday today, but when I woke up to a sink (and counter, and table, and coffee table…) full of dirty dishes I decided to write about this. Tell your kitchen sink “goodnight”. Take a few minutes before you go to bed to make sure the dishes… Continue reading Manic Monday – Goodnight, Sink