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Guest Post Written by Erin Odom of The Humbled Homemaker

Laundry has always been one of the areas of my home that always—literally—piles up on me. I try to do one load each day, but if I miss just one day, it seems I have a mountain of clothes and linens waiting for me the next morning.


I used to have a separate dirty clothes hamper for my girls’ clothes stored in their bedroom closet. At the time, it made sense. I would dress and undress them in their room, and I would just toss their clothes into their hamper.
But I found that if I got a day behind on laundry, I might get to the point where almost all their clothes were dirty.
My solution? I now have one set of family hampers in our master bedroom closet.
I store our dirty clothes in 3 separate hampers: one for whites, one for light colors and one for dark colors. I use a gentle, plant-based detergent (Sun Free—which is SUPER CHEAP at Big Lots!) on all our clothes, so there was really no reason to separate the girls’ laundry from ours anyway.
I’ve found we all have just what we need clean when we need it now. And I kind of like not having SO many of the girls’ clothes to put away at one time.
If we ever have a big enough closet to do it, I’d love to transition to a family closet.
How do you streamline your family’s laundry? Do you keep your kids’ clothes separate from yours, or do you mix everything together? Which do you think is easier?

Erin is a believer in Jesus Christ and stay-at-home wife and mom of two little redheaded girls. She loves mission work, speaking Spanish, breastfeeding, cloth diapering and researching how to live a healthier lifestyle. She blogs about parenting, natural living and homemaking at The Humbled Homemaker.

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