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Why We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

I don’t think I ever really understood St. Patrick’s Day until I lived in Ireland. There was just something about being surrounded by those lilting voices, celebrating Ireland and a man who brought them hope so many years ago. (Okay, so not all of them think about the hope thing, but I can’t help but)… Continue reading Why We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

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New Season, New Peace

Friends, I’m tired. It’s been a crazy year and a long, crazy summer. I’m really looking forward to the quieter season Fall seems to be in my mind (even though I know it is no less full of activity). I’ve felt a deeper sense and need than ever to usher some peace into my home… Continue reading New Season, New Peace

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Dr. Jekyll and Mom Hyde

I have not been the wife or mother that I long to be lately. I’ve been terse, curt and snappy. My compassion has waned of late. In desperation I turned to the one place I could find lasting help – The Bible. I am still prayerfully working on allowing the Word of God to transform… Continue reading Dr. Jekyll and Mom Hyde

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Treasure, Ponder, Snuggle, Repeat

I see your small body on the sheet covered¬†gurney; blood staining your knee and your jeans. Tears stain your cheeks and sweat has matted your hair to your head. I want to remember how tiny you were are and how things can happen and change in an instant. I see you standing in front of… Continue reading Treasure, Ponder, Snuggle, Repeat

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Finding What Wishes to Hide

I decided it was high time to dust off these ole keys and blow the cobwebs out of this writer’s mind. What better way to do that than to join LisaJo and her tribe in the greatest writer flash mob around, Five Minute Friday? And I nearly laughed out loud when I read this week’s… Continue reading Finding What Wishes to Hide

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Home Sweet…Home? And More Series Fun…

Wow, has it really been a month since I’ve posted?? I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your patience with me and sticking around while I’ve been so quiet! We arrived safe and sound in the States and promptly hit the ground running. We’ve not stopped traveling in some form or fashion in the… Continue reading Home Sweet…Home? And More Series Fun…

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Clarity in the Night

They come far too few and ¬†far between. Moments of stark and complete clarity. Moments when the mist thins and the things that seemed so crystal clear before, you now realize were smudged at best…completely distorted at worst. I had one such moment recently while caring for our son through a bout of croup. I’m… Continue reading Clarity in the Night