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The Safety Net of Silence

This has always been a very safe place for us, friends, hasn’t it? We’ve always been able to talk freely, and be vulnerable with one another. We’ve talked about everything from parenting funnies to spiritual constipation to culture shock to hair styles. And we’ve always been there for one another, lifting each other up, encouraging… Continue reading The Safety Net of Silence

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This Gal’s Journey – How I Got Here And Where I’m Going

Adrenaline coursed through my veins and my heart pounded in excitement as I read the professor’s notes on my assignment, “Wow! Great use of detail and description. You should consider pursuing writing as your degree!” The thought took my breath away and excited me. It also made me sad. I knew the chances of making… Continue reading This Gal’s Journey – How I Got Here And Where I’m Going

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Put Your Hands in the Air

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but raising kids is hard. Whether you have family around or not; a huge church or just a couple of like-minded folks; whether you have one kiddo or ten. It’s heart wrenching, twenty-four-seven, soul-aching-full-of-love hard work. And like most things that are hard, the rewards are almostĀ incalculable. When that… Continue reading Put Your Hands in the Air

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{Repost} Messy Faith

There seems to be a recurring theme in many of my conversations of late. These conversations pop up when you I least expect them, and at seemingly odd times. The topics of discussion range from family life to broken hearts to school to abortion. But they all are circling back to one central theme (dare… Continue reading {Repost} Messy Faith